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“PPC: The Key to Streamlined Manufacturing & Quality Assurance”

Problems Due to Lack of PPC (Production, Planning & Control)

Jobs Delay due to verbal Schedule

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Low Utilization of Resources

Huge Inventory & Dead Stocks


Conflicts & Blame between Departments

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Uncontrolled Wastage

Product catalog and work order management.
Bill of materials (BOM) and material requirement planning (MRP)
Production capacity planning, routing and scheduling.
Suggestions of the expected delivery date (EDD) by using machine load.
Auto Job scheduling to predict the production cycle
And Many More....
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Effective planning of raw materials, including quantity, lead time and delivery schedules.
Manage the capacity of the manufacturing facility to ensure that production activities are optimally planned.
Real-time data on the production process enables the management of shop floor activities to ensure they run smoothly.
Forecast demand for their products and plan production activies.
Improved scheduling for production activities based on the available resources and capacity of the manufacturing facility.
And Many More....
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