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Product Inquiry, Costing Estimation Module

Inquiry Management

  • Capture job inquiries to forward the right information to the cost calculation department.

  • Forward the right information to the right person for the right work.

  • Get inquiry status

Cost Estimation

  • India’s 1st AI-Based costing and planning recommendations

  • 75% time reduction in preparing quotations.

  • 15% reduction in wastage with precise paper planning.

  • Up to 20% increase in profitability with accurate costing.

  • 6 steps costing estimation to calculate 10x faster costing.

  • Multiple quantities with layout planning.

  • Multiple contents for single product cost calculation.

  • Works for all Packaging, Commercial & Publications, Flexo Labels and. Corrugation industries even in a single quotation.

  • Default as well as client-based rate setting.

  • Available die suggestion with die keyline generation.

  • Facilitate material and machine per-hour-based costing.

  • Email integration


  • Dynamic setting to set approvals at your desired stages

  • Higher authority approval at quotation/ purchase and sales order management

  • Approve, reject options to analyze the quotation conversion ratio

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