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“Finished Goods Management: Driving Excellence in Printing Operations”

Problems Due to lack of Finish Goods & Dispatch.

Problem 1 of Goods & Dispatch
Problem 2 of Goods & Dispatch
Problem 3 of Goods & Dispatch

No Tracking of Finish Goods

Quality Issues

Problem 4 of Goods & Dispatch

Chances of Mismatching Goods

Effected Customer Relationship

Difficulty in locating Finished Goods

Problem 5 of Goods & Dispatch
Features for Goods & Dispatch
Integration with production Data for accurate finished goods status.
Auto packing slips and bundle slip facility.
Delivery note facility based on the scheduled received.
Capacity to manage multiple warehouses and locations.
Data validation to set delivery tolerance to reduce rejections.
And Many More....
Benefits for Goods & Dispatch
Accurate tracking of Finished Goods helps to improve accuracy and save costs.
Efficient order fulfillment leads to increase customer satisfaction.
Automation leads to improve efficient and reduced manual errors.
Real-time monitoring of work in progress (WIP) to reduce delay in delivery.
Improved delivery accuracy and efficiency, leading to reduced delivery time and improved customer satisfaction.
And Many More....
Indus Print ERP
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