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“Don’t let your inventory become a puzzle. Automate it and watch your business thrive!” 

Challenges During Manual Inventory

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No Proper Material in-Out History


Huge Dead-Stocks

Documentation Issue During Audits & Inspections

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Person Dependency for Identifying Inventory Availability

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Material Unavailability while Scheduling Jobs.

Create & Manage Purchase Order in One Place.
Ability to Track Inventory & its Movement.
Generates Reports & Analytics on Inventory Levels & Costs.
Forecast Inventory Needs & Plan Procurement Accordingly.
Plan Material Requirement based on Production Schedules.
And Many More....
Real-time visibility into inventory levels and stock Movement.
Increased accuracy in inventory tracking and reporting
Reduction in manual data entry and associated errors.
Reduce deadstock, wastage, and rejections in inventory.
Reducing the risk of theft, fraud, or other inventory-related issues.
And Many More....
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