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Large Format Printing


Large format printing is a type of printing that produces high-quality prints in large sizes, typically larger than what can be produced by traditional printing methods.

This type of printing is commonly used to create large banners, posters, signage, trade show displays, and other promotional materials. Large-format printing is done using specialized printers and materials that can accommodate large sizes and produce vibrant, high-resolution prints.


  • Cost: Large-format printing can be expensive due to the high cost of specialized equipment, materials, and ink.

  • Complexity: Large format printing can be more complex than traditional printing methods, as it requires specialized knowledge and skills to operate the equipment and produce high-quality prints.

  • Quality control: Maintaining quality control can be a challenge, as larger prints are more susceptible to defects, such as banding and color inconsistencies.

  • Transportation and installation: Large prints can be difficult to transport and install, and require specialized equipment and personnel to handle.

  • Environmental concerns: Large-format printing can be wasteful, as it requires large amounts of ink, paper, and other materials that can have a negative impact on the environment.

  • Competition: The large format printing industry is highly competitive, with many companies offering similar services, which can make it difficult for businesses to stand out and attract customers.

How Indus Print ERP Solves?


Modules that will solve the challenges of commercial printing.

  • Planning, Costing

  • Quotation Management

  • Sales Order

  • Product Master

  • Jobcard

  • Inventory

  • Scheduling

  • Production & QC

  • FG & Dispatch

  • Account Integration

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