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Quality Control: The Difference Between Excellence and  Normality”

Problems Due to lack of Quality Control.

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Poor Quality Material


Lots of Customer Complaints

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No Quality Check Possible

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Finished Goods Products Rejections


Same Production Issue Occurs 

Configurable workflows and approval processes for quality related tasks.
Integration with Inventory to receive material for testing automatically.
Facility to perform line clearance and in-process checks in real time.
Facility to perform finished goods quality inspection.
Ability to record and track quality related issues in real time.
And Many More....
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Increase customer loyalty & repeat business by delivering consistently high quality products.
Meet customer and regulatory requirements for product quality and safety.
Improve product reliability and fewer customer complaints and returns.
Reduce costs associated with rework, scrap and customer return.
Increase competitiveness by offering high quality products.
And Many More....
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