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“Sales & Order Management: The Backbone of Quality Printing Solutions”

Problems Due to Lack of Sales & Order Management

Problem 1 of Sales& Order management

No Sales Report

Problem 2 of Sales & Order Management

No Coordination Between Teams

Problem 3 of Sales & Order Management

Issue Related Quantity & Rate

Problem 4 of Sales & Order Management

No Proper Tracking of Purchase Order

Not Getting Machine's Load & Schedules

Problem 5 of Sales & Order Management
Consignee-wise Sales Order Management
Multiple order-booking in a single PO facility.
During booking, indicate the MOQ and old FG stock.
Management of delivery schedules based on Products.
History of previously booked orders to compare pricing.
And Many More....
Feaures for Sales & Order Management
Benefits Sales & Order Management
Sales Report will help you make more informed decisions.
Improves Cash flow by validating the Credit limit and Outstanding. 
Improved sales forecasting made possible by past data availability.
Enhanced collaboration between Departments.
Enhanced sales efficiency by automating routine processes.
And Many More....
Indus Print ERP
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